IMG_0332What a growing year its been! Having had almost all the weather extremes & as I sit typing this listening to the gales howling & the rain lashing against the window.

Most of the summer crops are harvested, leaving ground free for the weeds multiply! I’ve been amazed at how quickly cleared soil has been covered by a dense green layer. I think it must be down to the long hot dry spell followed by perfect growing conditions. Indeed having been thinking how smart (for me) my plot was looking its now in dire need of attention.

Weeding & a general tidy up  at this time of year really gives your plot a boost, annual weeds are stopped from flowering & spreading their millions of seeds & the same applies to the more pernicious ones even if you don’t get all their roots out it does knock them back. It also means you are on top of your plot for next year.

The committee walked the allotments for the final plot inspection of the year last week & were genuinely surprised at how quickly weeds seemed to be taking over compared to previous years

( The photo by the way is a stock image!)