THIS AGREEMENT made on the first day of January 2022 between Pocklington Allotment Association (hereinafter called the Association) and the Tenant, by which it is agreed that:

THIS AGREEMENT made in January 2022 between Pocklington Allotment Association (hereinafter called the Association) and the tenant, by which it is agreed that:

  1. The Association shall let to the tenant, …for him/her to hold as tenant for one year, the allotment garden, …. (Being part of the allotments provided by the Association at The Mile Allotments in the Parish of Pocklington) in the Association’s allotment register.
  2. The tenant shall pay a yearly rent of £20 (half plot) /£40 (full plot) /£10 (1/3 plot) on 01 January 2022, receipt of which is deemed as acceptance of the terms of the tenancy of the plot.Where the rent remains unpaid for 2 months after it has become due the tenancy will cease.
  3. 3.  The tenancy may be terminated by either party to this agreement serving on the other not less than one month’s written notice to quit.
  4. 4.  The tenant shall during the tenancy carry out the following obligations:
  5. The allotment garden must be well managed and maintained in a tidy condition, properly cultivated and weeded.
  6. At least 50% of the area of the plot should be under cultivation and as weed free as practicable, and be for the cultivation of fruit, vegetables and flowers; the remaining 50% must be under productive use. Tenants are responsible for composting their green waste. Waste which cannot be composted must be taken home, and must not be allowed to build-up on their plot. Waste must not be left anywhere outside the tenant’s plot.
  7. The tenant may plant fruit trees to a maximum of 3 trees, which must be of dwarf stock and should be sited at least 1m from the boundary of the plot and not where they will prevent inspection of the plot or cause nuisance to others as they grow.
  8. The tenant must maintain a high standard of behaviour whilst on the allotment site and is responsible for the behaviour of any person(s) they invite onto their plot; physical assaults, harassment, verbal abuse, abuse relating to race, religion, sexual orientation or age, vandalism or theft will not be tolerated and may result in the immediate termination of the tenancy.
  9. Strictly no bonfires will be lit on the allotment site.
  10. Tenants are not to use hosepipes for watering purposes other than those connected to a tank sited within the boundary of their plot. Hosepipes must not be connected to the water taps on the allotment site.  The use of sprinkler systems is prohibited.
  11. g.  No livestock or poultry of any kind shall be kept upon the allotment garden without consent from the Association i.e., *Hens (to a maximum of 20), waterfowl or rabbits for the tenant’s own domestic consumption. The keeping of Cockerels on an allotment site is prohibited under the Allotments Act 1950. Feed for livestock must be in feeders which should be suspended clear of the ground and kept in rodent-proof containers. No more than 25% of the ground area of the allotment to be given over to Hen runs including henhouses.  The keeping of bees, ferrets and pigeons will be subject of separate consent.The keeping of all livestock will be subject to the Protection of Animals Act and must comply with *RSPCA and DEFRA welfare codes.

*The keeping of hens must also comply with the requirements of RSPCA Welfare Standards for Laying Hens (August 2017).

  1. Allotment holders may be permitted to bring a dog onto their plot which must be on a lead when not on the owner’s plot, and kept under control at all times; the tenant will ensure they clean up after their dog and waste removed from site.
  2. The Tenant must not assign, *sublet, charge or part with possession of the whole or any part of the allotment garden. * By subletting we mean if a plot is wholly, or partially being worked by someone other than the tenant or joint tenant for a short period, they must be a family member and over the age of 18 years. The principal tenant must be present on the plot at least 50% of the time during the growing season April – October incl.
  3. The tenant can erect a shed and/or greenhouse to a maximum size of 8’ x 6’. Any additional structure(s) require the permission of the Committee. A condition of erection of sheds and greenhouses will be the requirement to provide guttering and water storage facilities to catch rainwater from the roof of such structures. All structures must be sited no less than 12” from the plot boundary. The total area covered by structures on a plot must not exceed 25% of the area of the plot in sq.m.
  4. k.  The tenant will be responsible for the removal of any building or structure(s) on or before the termination of the tenancy. Any buildings or structures left after the tenancy ends will become the property of the Association andany costs associated with the clearing/cleaning of the site will be claimed from the ex-tenant.
  5. Allotment plots will be divided by grass paths no less than 2’ wide. Tenants must not obstruct or permit the obstruction of any of the paths on the allotments set out for the use of the tenants of the allotment gardens; the tenants on each side of the path are jointly responsible for keeping the grass cut, weeded and tidy. The use of concrete or cement on an allotment is not permitted. The use of paving slabs to replace grass will be subject to consent from the Association.
  6. m.  Plot boundary picket type wooden fences not above 1.25m in height will be allowed.  Livestock fencing should be constructed of a light wooden material covered with chicken wire.  No steel or industrial fencing will be allowed. All fencing must be removable and set back a minimum of 100mm from the grass path and kept weed free.
  7. The tenant shall not without first obtaining the written consent of the Association cut, lop or fell any tree growing on the allotment garden.
  8. The tenant shall cultivate the allotment garden for, and shall use it only for, the production of fruit, vegetables and flowers for domestic consumption by themself and their family. The plot shall be kept free of weeds, well manured and maintained in a good state of cultivation and fertility. The tenant must not allow weed species such as teasels, thistles etc to grow on their plot.
  9. p. The tenant shall permit the inspection at all reasonable times of the allotment garden by any officer of the Association.
  10. q. The allotment gardens are for cultivation and not to be used for the storage of non-gardening items, structures, unused or discarded items or materials, unless authorised by the Association. Any form of hard standing will be subject of permission from the Association.
  11. Waste should not be taken to the allotment for storage or disposal.
  12. s. The landowner (Pocklington Town Council) DOES NOT give permission for any tenant to shoot pigeons/vermin/ pests on the allotment site.  Any tenant experiencing excessive problems with pigeons/vermin or other pests should report this to the Association as soon as possible.  The Association will seek support from Pocklington Town Council to deal with pest problems when deemed appropriate.Firearms are not permitted on site unless authorised by the Association.
  13. t. When using any herbicide sprays or fertilizers – the tenant shall take all reasonable care to ensure that adjoining hedges, trees and other members’ crops are not adversely affected. Should any damage occur, the member must compensate or replant. Any chemicals used must be approved for garden use only, whether for spraying, seed dressing or any other purpose whatsoever and must cause the least harm to other tenants, and wildlife, other than vermin or pests. The use of back-pack pressure sprayers is not permitted without the consent of the Association.
  14. u. Carpet or any type of flooring material is not permitted on site, but polythene sheeting or cardboard may be used as a short-term temporary measure to suppress weeds or protect grass (e.g., deliveries of manure or other garden related materials) provided it is properly secured. Used tyres must not be brought onto site.
  15. The Association shall pay all rates, taxes, dues or other assessments which may at any time be levied or charged upon the allotment garden.
  16. If the tenant shall have been in breach of any of the foregoing provisions of this agreement for a period of one month or longer the Association may re-enter upon the allotment garden and the tenancy shall thereupon come to an end, but without prejudice to any right of the Association to claim damages for any such breach, or to recover any rent already due before the time of such re-entry but remaining unpaid.
  17. Any notice required by this agreement to be given to the Association shall be delivered to or emailed to the Secretary of the Association via the PAA post boxes on the sheds of Plots 42 and 75a or via e-mail pockallotassoc@yahoo.co.uk, and any notice to be given to the tenant shall be treated as sufficiently served if left at or delivered by post at the postal or email address held on the tenant list. It is the tenants’ responsibility to ensure any change to contact information is communicated using the means outlined above.
  18. This tenancy agreement is subject to alteration by the Association by giving three months’ notice of any prospective change.  A notice setting out the proposed change will be exhibited on the entrance to the allotment site.  Any objection to such changes will be debated by the next committee meeting of the Association before implementation.
  19. In compliance with recent GDPR legislation the PAA: only uses your data in order to meet the agreement with Pocklington Town Council and to contact the tenants on PAA matters; only shares data with legitimate third parties i.e., the National Allotment Society and the Pocklington Horticultural Society with whom all tenants are automatically members; will delete your data as soon as you are no longer a tenant.  By accepting a plot on The Mile site, you are giving us permission to process your personal data as outlined.
  20. The tenant agrees that a portion of their rent payment is used to fund the PAA group

membership of The NSALG (National Society of Allotment and Leisure Gardeners) and the Pocklington Horticultural Society, and that their personal details may be shared with the above for membership purposes (to be held by both in confidence and not to be shared without their written permission).

Signed: G. Craven, PAA Chair,

on behalf of Pocklington Allotment Association

January 2022