Welcome to our Spring/Summer newsletter, and to all new plot holders for which there were many of you this year. The aim of our newsletters is to keep you updated on items that the committee deal with over the months. We are always interested in hearing your comments, so please if you have something to say please contact a committee member or email me if there is something you would like mentioned in the Autumn Newsletter. We do put copies in the boxes attached to the display boards on both allotments these are mainly for plot holders who do not have access to e-mail, it would cut down our printing costs if you could let us have an e-mail address for future editions my address is: pearlharris@btinternet.com.

Message from the Chairman:

After a slow start due to a late spring, 2015 turned out to be a reasonably good growing year. The rabbit population, which had in 2014 caused a lot of damage, was greatly reduced due to



During the year the committee have continued to improve the allotment road by purchasing planings and I would like to thank the volunteers and the town council for their help in spreading these.

I would like to thank the United Services Club for allowing us to use their concert room for our show and meetings.

Finally, I would like to thank our dedicated treasurer Claire for all her hard work over the years, we shall miss her input she has very kindly offered to help John Ashton our new treasurer settle in over the coming months. Also to Mrs Jackson for keeping our new facilities clean and fresh and to Pearl and Judith for their work as secretaries and the committee member’s for their contributions.

Treasurer’s Report:

Claire presented the Annual report at the AGM for anyone wanting to view these in more detail please contact Claire who would be happy to show them to you.

Funds brought forward from 2014 Total £ 3867.22

Funds received 2015

Various incomes Total £ 9656.28

Summary of spending for 2015

Various items 8428.10

Total funds remaining 5095.40

Of which £360.00 is returnable (key deposits)

Actual funds £ £4735.40


On the 15th March we held our AGM, thank you to everyone who attended. It was a straightforward meeting, a few items that may interest you. Claire Hamilton is stepping down as Treasurer, Claire was thanked for all the efficient accounts and other work that she has done over the many years, she will be missed very much, when Claire resigns at the end of the year John Ashton has agreed to take over the role of Treasurer he was unanimously voted by the plot holders. Also Ian Gill stood down from the committee, Ian has been a valuable committee member for many years his input has been greatly valued. We welcomed a new committee member Stephanie Dennison. A plot holder raised the question of the possibility of having the green grass trailer available all year? Plot holders said that the rubbish accumulated over the winter, the committee agreed to look into the possibility of having this.


Monthly Committee Meetings:

Committee meetings are held once a month at the United Services Club, Waterloo Lane, Pocklington. These are open to anyone with an interest and are usually held in the concert room commencing at 7.30pm. (unless otherwise notified) Dates for this year are as follows:

Tuesday 19th April Tuesday 17th May

Tuesday 21st June Tuesday 19th July Tuesday 16th August

Tuesday 20th September Tuesday 18thOctober Tuesday 15th November

Any plot holder is welcome to attend and observe at any of these meetings.

Secretary’s report:

For those who are new, secretarial tasks are shared out between myself and Pearl. I organise and manage the list of tenants, the waiting list, minutes of the monthly meetings and the day to day correspondence through e-mails etc. Pearl organises allocation of plots to new tenants, issuing agreements, looking after the key register and plot inspections.

At the current time the association has 179 tenants, Pearl had a busy start to the year with quite a few plots vacated and re-let. The site is now full with 4 people on the waiting list. We used both the Pocklington Community and the new PAA Closed Facebook page to advertise plot availability which worked extremely well, thanks to James Pink for his work on the PAA webpages and Facebook page.

All this year’s annual rent has been collected. It was a little more protracted this year compared to last but we got there in the end. Of the 179 tenants we are now able to contact 126 by email. If any new tenants haven’t been invited to join the PAA Facebook and want to let me know and we’ll send an invite. The page is already successful with 51 members posting regularly.

Pearl continues to organise the Newsletter which will be out soon.

I wanted to clarify the plot inspection process. Three members of the Committee do a full plot inspection every 3 months. The first will be on Friday 15th April. Any plots that are identified as of concern will be visited again in May and then June if necessary. Then another full plot inspection in July. Plots that continue to be of concern are contacted. I would emphasise the objective of these inspections is not to facilitate eviction but to ensure the site continues to be tidy and productive.

Upkeep of the site:

We are constantly working on the site, if not repairing the roads, renewing taps trimming of hedges and most recently the cutting down of trees which have over time become very overgrown causing damage to greenhouses/sheds.

PAA post-box:-

These boxes are for plot holders, giving you the opportunity in the event of not being able to speak direct to a committee member if you are needing an IBC water tank, or want to bring something to our attention just pop, it on paper and post through one of the boxes.


Joint Tenancies:

Joint Tenancies are a way of two people working a plot, anyone wanting more information on how it works, please contact a committee member.

Emergency Services:

The post code is very important and worthwhile making a note of, recently the services had to be called, the response was four minutes. This code is displayed in RED in both notice boards at the beginning of each entrance.

Horticultural Society:

For a £1 yearly membership fee, you can pick up most of your gardening needs at reasonable prices. If you could spare a couple of hours on a Saturday or Sunday morning over a weekend, and would like to help in the shop, please go the hut or speak to a committee member, opening times are listed on the hut.

Security Gate Keys:

If anyone would like to purchase a key for the gates, please contact Pearl Harris they are £5 each and will be refunded at any time you want to hand your key back.

We would be very grateful if you would confirm the number of your gate key please, in the past when people have moved away they have possibly passed their key onto another plot holder therefore we want to check your key against our list. Two ways you can do this, by email to pearlharris@btinternet.com or pop the number of your plot with key number and put in either of the post boxes. Last year we had looked into the possibility of changing the locks on the gates to a code system, but after a lot of discussion we will remain with the system we have at the moment, if you are able to help with locking the gates on a regular basis we would appreciate your help, please contact Pearl for more information.

Toilet block:

The code is C23479, look on the side of the Horticultural hut facing the toilet door, it is written half way up.

IBC Water tanks:

Hosepipes are NO LONGER ALLOWED our biggest expense is for water, everyone is asked to connect up to water butts which are free, if you do not have a shed or greenhouse then you are asked to use water by means of a watering can.

If you are a new member or need a replacement tank, and are not sure how you go about getting hold of one of these, please drop a note with your name and plot number on, in any of the post boxes they are free and must be connected to your shed or greenhouse.

Shed/Greenhouse maintenance:

Many of us experienced some form of damage either to sheds, greenhouses, trellis, polytunnels, it is the responsibility of all plot holders, we ask you to regularly check guttering/connections that are attached to your water tanks.


Plot Inspections:

As mentioned in the Secretary’s report they start again on the 15th April. Thank you to all those people who have now put your plot number on it really does help.

Shed/Greenhouse/Polytunnel permission:

It is in your allotment agreement that all the above requests need to be put in writing with a sketch of the position and size, this then goes before a committee meeting for approval when you will be notified of the outcome.

Annual Plot Judging:

The date for this year is the 15th July.

Veg Show:

Our seventh Annual PAA vegetable show will take place on Saturday 20th August at the United Services Club. Schedules will be available from the collection boxes attached to the notice boards from Mid May.

Rent Collections:

Rent collections take place each January at the Horticultural Hut. This year we had to chase up a lot of tenants, this was very time consuming. You Will Not be sent reminders in the post, if you could make a note on your calendars, or diaries that they are due next January, the dates for rent collection will be given in the Autumn Newsletter and are usually put in the Pocklington Post.

Green Grass Trailer:

The trailer is parked on various plots to make it fair and easy for every tenant, please can we ask you to clean up any dropped leaves/stalks etc, as not only is it untidy but can become slippery when wet.

Committee Members:

A very big thank you to all the committee members who give up their time freely to attend meetings, cut hedges, maintain the upkeep of the roads distribute water tanks etc etc. If you could spare a couple of hours once a month we would welcome you to join the committee, please speak to any committee member and ask what it in involves.