Plot Inspections

In order to ensure the smooth running of the allotments we need to ensure that no plots are untended or create a nuisance to other plot holders.
  • Members of the Committee inspect plots from April to October
  • At this time we expect to see preparation and/or cultivation of the plot. Should there be little evidence of either we will contact the plot holder by email/letter
  • The plot will be revisited the following month. If there continues to be little evidence of cultivation at the 2nd inspection another email/letter is sent to the plot holder
  • The plot will be revisited a third time. If there continues to be little evidence of cultivation the plot holder will be sent a 3rd and final email/letter terminating the tenancy
  • We may also contact a tenant if, in the Committee’s opinion, weeds on a plot are adversely impacting their neighbours’ plots
  • The above process has been very carefully considered by the Committee in order to ensure the site continues to be as productive and harmonious as possible.
  • The Committee are happy to discuss and consider any extenuating circumstances that prevent a tenant from working on/cultivating their plot.